Excerpts from testimonials

"We trusted Avis' professionalism and left it completely to her to represent us in both our sale and purchase negotiations. The outcomes were beyond our expectations as Avis helped us achieve the rare case of "Sell High, Buy Low"! We always joke with Avis that she has earned her commission through the $73k that she has helped us save! She is indeed a gem not to be missed! We will continue to support her because she is an outstanding agent with integrity and a friend we can trust!"

~ Edwin & Joan

"Avis' work rate is tremendous and she got us countless viewings within 3 days of us engaging her service and closed the deal on the 4th day at a record price that is above and beyond our expectations. Avis is indeed a godsend and stands out prominently among many other property agents in the market currently. We're glad that we can advance financially with her meticulous guidance."

~ Andy & Alayna

"Our greatest gratitude to Ms Avis Wong for her dedication and hard work put in to sell our property. She has pulled in so many viewings that we lost count and eventually managed to sell our unit after a short period of time. We previously engaged 2 other agents from other companies to market our unit and drew blanks for more than 1/2 a year. With Avis, we got at least 3 offers in two months which was very, very impressive. Her Can-Do spirit and commitment is second to none!"


~ James Chan

"Got in touch with Avis in May 2016 for advice on building up property portfolio. Her in-depth knowledge of the market landscape and trends was very useful. As an investor, I was looking for a trusted advisor who can help me build up my property portfolio. Avis spent time to understand my financial situation and goals and update me of the current market situation (3 hours session at Coffee Bean!). After a decision was made, Avis also provided good recommendations on property loan as well as a law firm to handle the legal work. Would highly recommend Avis if you are a serious investor with intentions to build up a property portfolio."

“2016年5月的时候,我们联系佩琪希望了解房有关房屋资产组合的建议。她对市场前景和趋势的深入了解对我们来说非常有帮助。我自己作为一个投资者,一直在寻找一位值得信赖的行业顾问,能够帮助我建立我的资产组合。佩琪花了相当多的时间来了解我的财务状况和目标,而且还给我详细介绍了目前的市场情况,那一次我们坐在Coffee Bean里聊了3小时。我做出决定之后,佩琪还提供了关于房地产贷款及法律方面的建议。如果你有意要建立房地产投资组合,我向你强烈推荐佩琪。”

~ Michael C

"Avis arranged for 5 buyers in a 1-hour open house, obtained a serious offer and sealed the deal within a day and what’s more, at a value over and above my asking price, completely exceeding my expectation! I highly recommend Avis to anyone who is looking for efficient service and a powerful negotiator in your property dealings / transactions."


~ Ms Hwee-Teng Lee, Director, Freshwerz Pte Ltd


"We are grateful to Avis for offering us her objective advice – advice that is honest, professional and in the best interest of her clients. Even though her objectivity and honesty meant that her deal (with us) would fall through, she did not let the fact that she would lose her commission get in the way of her integrity and professionalism! She has our highest recommendation."


~ Mr Patrick Oton, Retiree


“As it was my first time renting out my unit, Ms Wong was very patient with me and did an excellent job in securing the best rental – even above market rates – for me… I was very happy with the entire experience and would strongly recommend her to other house owners.”

~ Ms Cynthia Neo


“When we first met up with Avis, she willingly shared her knowledge about property investing with us. We learned about how we can make our money work harder through the buying and selling of properties. She was also patient and explained any questions we had. Even after the meeting, Avis has always been responsive whenever I send her messages pertaining to my queries on property investing. I would definitely recommend her!”

~ Adrian Chan 

“Personally, I wasn’t ready to plonk down money for an apartment yet, but I came across Avis’ link on Facebook and set up an appointment with her. I was very impressed with the way that Avis happily shared her expertise with me, even knowing that I wasn’t going to be close immediately, and even gave suggestions on what I can do to prepare for getting on the property ladder. In a world where most salespeople would not give you time of day if you’ve got nothing for them, Avis is a breath of fresh air.

She has continued to keep in touch with me, forwarding me articles that she thought would interest me. And her judgement is spot on; I’ve never felt like I was getting spammed by her.

Her sincerity really comes through in the way she interacts, and I’m already pretty sure my first property purchase would be via her. Speak with her if you’re thinking of property, I’m sure you’d be pleased you did!”

~ Leonard Chee


“Many thanks to Avis for your valuable advice! You had willingly imparted us the basic fundamentals on accessing the various situations in the local property market. I was rather impressed by your short and sharp presentation that drive straight to the point. With such a short time frame spend, I have much better understanding of my portfolio and where my decisions should land on."

~ Eric Hoo

 “I would like to express our greatest thanks and appreciation as we are now proud owners of a private property which we would never have dreamed of few years back.”

~ Hidahyas & Rubi’ah

“We learned about wealth management strategies and it opened up new avenues of wealth and real estate insights which we previously thought were far-reaching.”

~ Farhan & Sarah


“We had no notion of wanting to sell our flat at first... Upon learning we can leverage on our existing property to grow our wealth, our perspective was opened up. We have now upgraded to a private condominium with our proceeds.”

~ Yun Chang & Claire

"Avis and the team understood our needs and offer advice that suits us... We admire the way they have gone to lengths to ensure we are buying a property within our means and one that does not put a strain on our family finances."

~ Anmilia Datt & Mohd Hamdan

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